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                Contact Us

                Wenzhou Sanhuan Rubber & Plastic Products Co.,Ltd.

                ADD:No.123 Yanxing Road Yanjiang

                Industrial Zone China’s Capital of Shoes Wenzhou City Zhejiang Province China

                General Manager:Jingwen Zhao

                Sales Manager:Lesui Zheng 13676700515

                Department Manager:Jianjing Xia



                TEL:+86-0577-88798805 88798806

                FAX:+86-0577-88798810 88798809

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                Congratulations to Wenzhou Sanhuan Rubber Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
                Published:2014-05-29   hits:2499

                Congratulations to Wenzhou Sanhuan Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. 
                Carburetor rubber parts has successive 5 years occupied the 50% of the market

                Since 1998 we entered the carburetor rubber parts field, with support and concern from many famous partner companies and various circles of the society, under the hard work of all staffs, in 2002 our market occupying rate breached 50%.

                At resent years, with support and concern from various circles of the society, technical and development ability have been improved a lot, having developed all kinds of pastern, conforming to ASTM, DIN, JIS material standard, products reaching the requirements of ROHS.

                We have developed and design complex type decompression valve film and get the nation patent (patent no.is ZL2004 2 0091635.9)

                Actively developed the market of auto rubber parts, electric apparatus rubber parts, mechanism rubber parts. The output of carburetor rubber parts has increase stablily, which get highly appraise of the regular cooperation enterprises. And be awarded as excellent supplier for many times. We succesicve 5 years occupied 50% of carburetor rubber parts market. And get a happy improvement on motorcycle gas valve rubber parts.
                We here now highly appreciate every partner company and various circles of the society, who give Sanhuan long time support and concern. And sincerely hope new and old freinds coming from every circle get win-win benefit and build bright future together with us.

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